Thursday, November 20, 2008


This is an Etsy seller whose prices are VERY reasonable..Corriedale is nice fiber and $9 for 4 oz is pretty cheap. $3.00 shipping per order isn't bad either.

This is beautiful....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Stuff to Wish For

This is my online wish list of sorts for fibery, knitty type stuff that I covet...I am getting a spinning wheel for my birthday and I'm guessing my family isn't all that well versed in buying wool tops or roving....

This is one of my favorite online stores for knitty stuff. In particular I am coveting:

I love my KnitPicks Options nickel set and would also love to have a few more tips of certain the same token I would happily have any of the individual sets of tips from the Harmony wood needles too..the cables are the same for both sets and the tip sets individually are very reasonable.

I use sizes 4 through 8 alot and would like to have bigger sizes that don't come with a set, like 13, 15 or 17. The cables are available individually also on the site and I use the 24 and 32 inch most often.

I also really want some of the Harmony straight needles in a 14 inch length. Sizes aren't important, I would use any sizes but I guess midrange is most useful. (4-9). Here's a link to the set even though that's REALLY dreaming...

Since we're on that site (I TOLD you) I might as well list some yarns I really want while we're at it...

This is a kit I really want for this:

I also love laceweight yarn from Knitpicks, especially Shimmer and Alpaca Cloud, Gloss is nice too! 2 or 3 of any same color would be wonderful! I love any yarn though, long as it's soft and in pretty colors!

I really want this book: